ISBNPA offers a variety of physical activities during the conference for participants to attend. Pre-registration is required. 

Summer Zone Uppsala - June 15 - 6:00 - 8:00 pm

With the goal of increasing the number of active children and young people and working for a more inclusive and equal leisure time, Uppsala Municipality has yearly during summer time been organising Uppsala Summer Zone since 2021.

Summer Zone is a 6,360 square meter activity area open to everyone. Here there are courts for floor ball, futsal, volleyball, mini tennis, street basketball, badminton, and other areas with various games, café, pump track and lots of fun.

Uppsala Municipality together with ISBPNA is organising a chance to see, experience and actively try out the Summer Zone activity area.

There are two options for participation, either as a player in the street basketball tournament that will be arranged between “Professors” and young people (limited number of places) or if you only want to cheer your peers and perhaps try other sport  activities offered.


“Fritidsbanken” (the leisure equipment bank) is like a library, but with sports and outdoor gear. Here you can borrow equipment for free, such as e.g. skis, roller skates, life jackets, tents, balls of various kinds, sticks, fishing rods, football shoes, helmets, storm kitchens and much more. In a time of increased sedentary behavior, the aim is to make it easy to be active and also sustainable. Expensive equipment should not be an obstacle and easily accessible equipment for spontaneous adventures! Equipment is put to use, free and for everyone. With no  burden on the wallet nor the planet. During summer time, Fritidsbanken is present and frequently visited at Uppsala Summer Zone. In 2013, the first Fritidsbanken was opened in Sweden. In a short time, we have gone to being present in a third of the country’s municipalities. We have a vision that there should be (at least) one Fritidsbank in every municipality. Fritidsbanken Sweden is a non-profit, national association.

Give/donate in connection with the conference

In connection with ISBPNA, we encourage you as conference delegates to bring and donate equipment to Fritidsbanken. It doesn’t have to be newly purchased things, but things that you yourself no longer use.

It can be all kinds of things that can be used for sports and leisure activities, for example, football shoes, shin guards, balls, board games or why not, some traditional sport equipment from your home country.

At Uppsala Konsert & Kongress hall (the main conference venue) there will be containers to collect your much appreciated gifts.

Combined Running and HIIT Session

Thursday and Friday, 7:00 - 7:30 am

Get sweaty and see Uppsala!

This is an outdoor session, built around a few stations where you will be performing bodyweight exercises that can be adapted to your level of fitness/abilities. In between sets, there is a short run before moving on to the next station. You can make this session as tough as you want to! How many bodyweight squats can you do in 30 seconds? Is there a better way to see a new town? 

Walking Football

Thursday, 5:45 - 7:30 pm

Walking football is a moderate-intensity activity that has shown to be associated with multiple health effects, and has been identified as a sport with great potential to be adopted by a wide range of groups. At the same time, Walking football has the advantage that participation in the game is perceived as fun and can motivate people to continued activity. Walking football is usually played 6 v 6, but can be adapted according to the number of participants. Walking football is a team-based sport that is played on a smaller pitch and only at a walking pace with no tackles allowed.

The session will be led by a Walking football ambassador for the Uppsala region appointed by the Swedish Football Association together with researcher Andreas Caspers.

We will meet outside of UKK (entrance facing Vaksala torg) at 17:45 (5:45 pm) and together jog/walk fast to the City Park. In the event of rain, we will be indoors in Svandammshallarna next to the park.