GIVE BACK - Donate equ'ipment to the leisure equipment bank​ 'Fritidsbanken'

“Fritidsbanken” (the leisure equipment bank) is like a library, but with sports and outdoor gear. Here you can borrow equipment for free, such as e.g. skis, roller skates, life jackets, tents, balls of various kinds, sticks, fishing rods, football shoes, helmets, storm kitchens and much more. In a time of increased sedentary behavior, the aim is to make it easy to be active and also sustainable. Expensive equipment should not be an obstacle and easily accessible equipment for spontaneous adventures! Equipment is put to use, free and for everyone. With no  burden on the wallet nor the planet. During summer time, Fritidsbanken is present and frequently visited at Uppsala Summer Zone. In 2013, the first Fritidsbanken was opened in Sweden. In a short time, we have gone to being present in a third of the country’s municipalities. We have a vision that there should be (at least) one Fritidsbank in every municipality. Fritidsbanken Sweden is a non-profit, national association.

In connection with ISBPNA, we encourage you as conference delegates to bring and donate equipment to Fritidsbanken. It doesn’t have to be newly purchased things, but things that you yourself no longer use. It can be all kinds of things that can be used for sports and leisure activities, for example, football shoes, shin guards, balls, board games or why not, some traditional sport equipment from your home country.

At Uppsala Konsert & Kongress hall (the main conference venue) there will be containers to collect your much appreciated gifts.

Offset your carbon footprint

Please help us calculate the carbon footprint of ISBNPA 2023. Visit a carbon calculator website (e.g. and add CO2 for your travel upon registration. When booking flights, please consider offsetting your carbon footprint. ISBNPA is not recommending the use of any particular carbon offset project.